Company Policies

Client orders are submitted via an editable document that allows for revisions.  Once the order is submitted, no further revisions and changes can be made.  It is up to the client to ensure that the order submission has accurate names, numbers and sizes.  Any inaccurate information provided and thus manufactured is not the fault of Varsity X Sports.  Any errors made by Varsity X Sports will be corrected at no cost to the client.  Any additional Uniforms or accessories added to the order after the order submission date may cost more per item than the original order and may also be delivered at a later date than the original order.  Custom orders will not be refunded once delivered, but an effort to resolve any issues will be made by Varsity X Sports.

Varsity X Sports utilizes the factory facilities of factories both internationally as well as domestically.  If an order is delayed by the shipping company or held in customs, Varsity X Sports bears no responsibility for the delay as these processes are beyond our control.  Shipping typically takes 5-7 business days, and pre-planning to prepare for plenty of time prior to delivery of the apparel is recommended so that any delays can be accounted for.  Any requests for expedited shipping will need to be paid for by the client.

A $49 fee is required for digital mockups of your apparel.  This fee is to cover the time that our Designers spend designing your apparel.  The fee is $49 for every 3 pieces of apparel designed. 100% of the invoice payment is due prior to apparel being manufactured.  We can not begin manufacturing of your apparel if your invoice has not been paid in full.

Turnaround Time
Orders generally take approximately 4 weeks from the date that payment is received in full, to the date of delivery.  It is recommended that your payment be made in full 6 weeks in advance of your required delivery date to ensure no conflicts with your delivery date.  Any additional uniforms/apparel needed after the order has been submitted will potentially be delivered after the initial order.  These additional uniforms/apparel will cost more per piece due to shipping separately from the original order.

Any defective apparel will be replaced at no cost.  Normal wear and tear will not result in any replacing of apparel.  We recommend that apparel be cold washed and allowed to air dry.

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